McCall Studio is a full service photography company based in Atlanta, GA that specializes in working with those in the LGBTQ Community and its many allies not only in Atlanta but also around the world. At McCall Studio we believe a photo shoot is more than just taking pictures, its about providing an exceptional experience from start to finish that will result in exceptional photos.


If you look at our portfolio or Instagram page you may be surprised to learn that 85% of everyone you see had never done a photo shoot prior to our shoot and 90% had some sort of issue with their bodies that made them question whether or not they were worthy of doing a photo shoot. The stat that matters most is this - 100% said they felt better about themselves and had a renewed confidence that was lacking prior to the shoot.

Now while we are best known for our "Dudoir" photo shoots that is not all that we do. We are also available for portrait shoots, editorial shoots, corporate headshots, weddings, and we even offer photo shoots for your adorable pets. 

When you book a shoot with us we guarantee these three things:
1. We will provide a relaxed environment where you can feel comfortable being yourself without any judgement.
2. We will provide a fun environment where there will be lots of smiles and plenty of laughs.
3. We will provide exceptional photos that you will be proud to share with others.



Bama, who grew up in South Alabama (hence the nickname), has been shooting sports photography for over two decades dating back to the 1996 Olympics. After being named the official photographer for the Heart of the South Leather Weekend back in 2016, he turned his focus away from sports photography and started his journey into fetish portrait photography. He began working on a photo project that he later titled "Gear" that showcases the various types of kink and fetish gear worn in the LGBTQ community. He has had regular shows to display his work at the Atlanta Eagle and has a gallery with over 100 framed pics at Barking Leather in Atlanta.